#kitinfo Certificate Authority

We maek sekure!

Signatures made by 0x85db8b3eda2d66a9 cbdev <cb@cbcdn.com>

Verify using gpg --recv-keys 0x85db8b3eda2d66a9
gpg --verify <certfile>.sig <certfile>

Need certificates issued to you? Contact ca@kitinfo.de with your CSR and choice of Authority!

Generating a private key

Generate a 4096-bit RSA private Key with openssl genrsa -out <filename>.key 4096
Keep the generated file safe and never send it to anyone (even us)!

Creating a CSR (Certificate Signing Request)

Create the CSR using openssl req -new -key <filename>.key -out <filename>.csr
You will be asked some questions, most importantly the Common Name (CN) the certificate will be issued for. This will in most cases be your URL.

The resulting file <filename>.csr must now be signed by the CA, so please include it in your mail.